the studio



According to Plato every soul desires the good, the true and  the beautiful especiallyartists and artisans! These are absolute and eternal qualities that arise from a single source. So anything that is beautiful is naturally good and true, too.


Is this idealistic? Naive? I admit, we have just stepped into the 21st century.

Nowadays everything seems so relative, and Platonic idealism so distant.

But I feel a greater kinship with his ancient philosophies than with our last century's postmodernistic view of the world. Everyone is not right, and everything is not equal.


I don't want to be constantly entertained, or to entertain others. I want to make you happy with beautifully useful pieces. Objects that exude aesthetic pleasure. Strong shapes that feel beautiful, good and true. Such sensations are nothing to be ashamed of.



You won't find me daydreaming at my drawing board. I like to see the factories,the machinery and talk to the people who work there. I am inspired by both old and new production tech-niques. After all, product innovation begins with an awareness of materialsand techniques.


It's not just about form. It is also about material, its use and the finishing touches. 

I surround myself with and cherish creative specialists.Artisans making beautiful objects by hand in the Czech Republic, deep in Asia and closeby in the De Betuwe. I am nothing without these people  the men and women who blow glass, weld, cast, construct and upholster my furnitur and more.