New PODE brand image 2023

28 / 11 / 2022
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The Pode magazine 2023, which recently rolled off the presses, is groundbreaking in many ways. Product photos have been (almost) completely banned from the book so that the new collection comes into its own. Most striking are the manipulated images. Art directors Claire and Roderick Vos challenged the photograph duo (Benning-Gladkova / Arjan Benning & Polina Gladkova ) to combine photography with computer animations. It creates a magical effect that is surreal and at the same time believable and incredibly atmospheric.

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MaMa knotted

19 / 11 / 2022

The Frozen Fountain, ambassador of Dutch Design for many years, existed 30 years now and of course that had to be celebrated. 

Roderick Vos:
'At the end of October, Cok de Rooy of furniture store The Frozen Fountain asked me and many other Dutch designers to design a vase for this 30 years celebration. 
Of course I wanted to make something for him, but there was some time pressure to make this happen in such an absurdly short time. In short: I had to create a diversion. It became a joke: with an adjustment in an already existing mold of the Mama vase. Why not? : 'just tie a knot in 1 of the spouts of our iconic MaMa vase for Cor Unum'. Sometimes you shouldn't always take our profession too seriously, right..? The presentation '50 vases' in Amsterdam has become beautiful and really worth a visit. '

The vase is made in a limited edition of 50 pieces, each vase is signed by Roderick himself and they are only for sale at Cor Unum and The Frozen Fountain and our online shop


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01 / 09 / 2022
beeld chillow news.jpg

Cuddly round shape Claire Vos’s beautiful cushion for Pode is inspired by puffy dresses, and was created to meet her own need for a slightly smaller cushion. The result was the compact Chillow, measuring 50 by 35 centimetres and with a supremely elegant finish. It’s available in all Pode materials, including fabric, real and artificial leather, and non-wovens. With its cuddly round shape, it’s a must-have accessory – as Claire puts it, your best friend in the living room.

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Forming the COLLAGE collection.

04 / 08 / 2022

Claire Vos; 'De drang om een eigentijdse tapijtserie te vormen door nieuwe vormen als het ware visueel te vouwen, was mijn uitgangspunt voor deze collectie COLLAGE  voor het Chinese merk HC28. Verschillende poolhoogtes zijn speels ingekaderd in een uitgebalanceerde compositie. Natuurlijke tinten worden gecombineerd met contrasterend signatuurzwart en accentkleuren als turkoois en zachtgeel'.

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Broadloom for Moooi

11 / 06 / 2022

Always in search of new design directions and techniques, CLAIRE VOS asked herself the following question; what happens when you decontextualize the versatile shapes and colors of nature, morphing and liquifying it into new patterns? 
Imagine a carpet collection inspired by the ‘objects of nature, in which each individual design highlights a different mineral, organism or animal, such as the ‘marl stone’, the ‘tulip flower’ or an ‘Ara bird’. In this series, nature becomes fluid, and the shape of each carpet is dictated by the pattern of its original inspiration. With the ‘Liquid Layers’ series, Claire Vos created a design technique where the possibilities are infinite, resulting in a unique approach towards pattern design that surprises layer by layer.

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10 / 06 / 2022

A striking example of Roderick’s design philosophy is his new ‘Broadway’ sofa, the transition from the front to the sides is not square or rounded, but chamfered at a 45 degree angle. So simple and also so brilliant that it makes you wonder ‘why did nobody else think of this?’ The unique silhouette this gives the ‘Broadway’, is underlined by a thick ‘cord’—covered in the same material as the sofa—, which traces the outline of each element. The silhouette also derives its strength from the fact that each element has been reduced to its essence: a seat and a back, without loose cushions interrupting its visual calm.

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