Jewels of Glass

22 / 02 / 2021
VIERKANT Emrald-Back-Squarekopie.png

Claire Vos’ Jewels of Glass velvet pillows will embellish your sofa with its very own jewellery. Inspired by the striking colours found in gemstones, Claire Vos created a pattern of glass bubbles held together by a tangle of loosely woven yarn. The design is worked down to the smallest detail, making it difficult to stop staring. The Jewels of Glass Pillows are made from soft velvet and come in two sizes and two colours, quartz and emerald.

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MaMa Vase

18 / 01 / 2021

The colour blue gained special significance in the history of Chinese ceramics. I personally have always loved the dark blue Martaban vases, that originally come from Qishicun in Guangdong Province. The Samarra Blue or Sumatra Blue cobalt was rich in iron, which yielded a glaze with a darker blue appearance. With manufacturer Cor Unum we tried to create a glaze matching to those old wonderful Martaban vases and named it Martaban Blue. 

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Mirror Miracles

16 / 01 / 2021

For our cushion designs for client HC28 we did choose for an interesting technology, ink jet printing on textile. One of the biggest advantages of digital printing is the reduction in waste compared to some other methods of printing. With traditional printing, manufacturers would have to print hundreds or thousands of metres at a time to be economical.  This is because screen printing requires a unique screen to be produced for every colour in the design.
Whatever they could not use or sell would end up as waste. With digital printing, HC28 can print fabric on demand one metre at a time.  This means a lot less fabric and ink waste. Produce what you sell, not sell what you produce. Our cushion designs Mirror Miracles is a search into unique pattern designs printed on fabric with comfortable texture. 

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The RAVEL collection

09 / 12 / 2020
Un-Roll Spring 04 VISUAL Soft Yarn.jpg

Separated threads in multi shades and colors are sorted and re-arranged in the 'RAVEL' collection of digitally designed carpets by Claire Vos for Moooi Carpets. The printed carpet UN-ROLL feels as if a loosely woven textile cloth is unrolled and cut. Filaments are curled up and the colored lines are carefully arranged into an organically shaped carpet. RE-MINGLE reveals the beauty of raveled & folded yarns coming together in a textile island shape.  The 'RAVEL' collection is the result of research where printed illusion and the realistic texture of textile intersect. The color mingling and gradients gives this contemporary collection the typical Claire Vos signature.

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Strata Cabinet

08 / 12 / 2020
STRATA 斯巴达-3.jpg

Lacquer was a popular form of decoration and protective covering in ancient China. It was used to colour and beautify screens, furniture, bowls, etc. Time-consuming to produce, Chinese lacquerware became highly sought after by those who could afford it and by neighbouring cultures. Our product designs, the STRATA collection, for the chinese design brand HC28 contains a series of hardcore industrial-style cabinets. My inspiration comes from Ming-Dynasty design and minimalism. Simple with power and clearly structured, the collection writes an epic of cabinet in a design language of today. Modern technology is applied to form the exterior which was used to be made by hand. High-end baking varnish adds fluid light on the surfaces. The cabinets speak for themselves with no need of extra decoration. It’s my personal homage to the old chinese technique of lacquerware.

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07 / 12 / 2020

Exposé of hereditary talent and infectious enthusiasm: this exhibition is primarily a tribute to Henk Vos: the furniture designer, the interior architect, the man behind Vos Interieur, and the design castle Maupertuus. But both brothers Bart and Roderick Vos who organize the exhibition also zoom out. Using a wonderful selection of their designs, products, and relics, they draw attention to the special fact that their family has already has been fascinated by furniture, fashion, visual art, and architecture for generations.


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