Textiles & More
30 / 09 / 2018

Claire Vos; ' for this new collection introduced by Dutch brand Textiles & More, our studio was able to work with a different technology. Transfer sublimation (printing on fabrics) has much more advantages because it is much easier to create a clear gradient on the textile. The weaving technology has much more restrictions. With this printing technique we were more or less inspired by airbrush images. We created depth and dimension to the curtain using an optical effect. This was more or less the theme for this collection. These four prints called Rain, Knit, Clan & Paperclip are realized in several qualities in fabric, and are available from voile to satin. Suitable for projects such as hotels, offices and healthcare, as well as residential homes.'

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It's in the genes
27 / 05 / 2018

So great to find a design made in 1981 by my father Henk Vos for Dutch Company Holborn published by DESIGNBOOM. It’s still a beauty!

DOCUBITE designed a series of animated gifs as a sort of rebuttal to the question by apple. ‘I am a computer: icons of beige’ sees 16 classics from the golden age of personal computing turned into dynamic compositions. maybe they don’t have the highest speeds or graphic capabilities, but who cares? they’re awesome. ‘I am a computer’ celebrates the visual character of desktop computing machines from a colourless period in industrial design,’ docubyte explains.

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New York Times
04 / 05 / 2018

Our wallpaper design in the New York Times

Thanks NLXL

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Wally, a cartoonish ceramic tablelight
04 / 04 / 2018

Most of our design projects are commissioned. But sometimes we feel the urge to create something by ourselves because we simply want to. In our previous project we were creating hexagon shaped tiles. The shade, lines and reflection on these tiles made us realize that we could use this concept for a light object . Primary linear forms do very well especially when the reflected light reveals the beauty of a shape.  In this case an odd but charming looking  ceramic table light. Wally will be introduced bij Cor Unum this coming year in 2019. Welcome, Wally!




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An inspiring cooperation with NLXL
03 / 04 / 2018

Tiles have more or less been liberated for their limited  role, and have become more the centre of the interior in the 21 st century.  So why not make wallpaper out of it? A three dimensional approach by our design office and an extended period of experimentation, resulted in three proposals for dutch wallpaper brand NLXL. It quickly became apparent that exploring three dimensional tile shapes, making moulds, biscque firing the unglazed stoneware, and photograph them for the use of creating wallpaper was going to be a true labour of love. But what a great result. Thank you, Mr & Mrs Vintage!

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An experiment with a new glaze, our first black maMa vase
01 / 04 / 2018

Black isn’t actually a color, it is just the absence of light. With this vase, the glaze is black. It simply means you don’t get to see any reflection of the -light- part of the electromagnetic spectrum; the object hence appears black. True black is the absence of colour. Black is what happens when no light at all reaches your eye. Our Mama vase has only been glazed white for more than seventeen years. But we missed something. Now it seems that this black version is even more magnificent. Therefor we decided to put this version also in the existing Cor Unum collection. 


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