06 / 11 / 2019
Colt1 kopie groter.jpg

A vase made from ceramic in which nine cylindrical shapes are connected to a central reservoir. Because of the additional weight of the water the vase is quite stable. The cylindrical tubes are connected with three arms to the central base, enabling the water to fill all the  compartments. This design reminded me of the cylinder of a gun so we decided to call it Colt. The vase looks complex but in reality it can be produced with a two part mold, so there is only one horizontal separation part in the casted model. And that’s really special! Colt will be produced by dutch manufacturer Cor Unum.

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webbing for NLXL

29 / 09 / 2019
Cane Webbing scenography Portrait web.jpg

NLXL has been working with a number of designers since the company began introducing heavy duty wallpaper in 2010. Each designer’s expertise in their field has led to some of the most stunning and diverse wallpaper designs during the last years. We were asked to do something with cane webbing, as we have often worked with this material in Indonesia during the 90’s. Webbing is on one hand reminiscent of colonial Asian decor, but on the other hand very modern and in vogue in modern interiors nowadays. We designed and created three decorative wooden frames with webbing, took photo’s of it and turned it, in cooperation with NLXL, into 2 dimensional wallpaper.  One could say that cane webbing is an internationally adopted classic that is once again gaining popularity. But in this case as wallpaper. The introduction of these wallpaper designs will take place during Dutch Design Week.


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13 / 09 / 2019
Schermafbeelding 2019-09-13 om 13.33.59.png

An inspiring cooperation: HC 28 is a Chinese furniture brand committed to exploring new innovations in furniture design and carpet making. For this company we created three hand tufted carpet designs, called Halo, Cornice and Tumble. The tufting technology is quite interesting: a gunmachine was used for inserting wool material into the textile covered frame according to our design. The combination of a pile and loop in different heights gives these contemporary carpets an interesting modern look and feel. A perfect match in shape, color and technique. We presented all these designs and our sofa NEST at the chinese CIFF furniture fair in Shanghai. Thank you, Jianwei LI for this inspiring cooperation! 

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Nest Sofa

13 / 09 / 2019

HC28 prides itself as one of the pioneering high-end modern furniture brands from China, and in my opinion they really are. By introducing a unique blend of the Eastern world meeting its Western counterpart, the collection offers the best of the two cultures: true design innovation and sheer creativity from the West serviced by exceptional craftsmanship and a deep commitment to refinement from the East. We have created 'NEST', a sofa design with a knitwear fabric cover, and are really proud of the organic looking endresult. Thank you, Jianwei LI!

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31 / 07 / 2019
CROP Chinese lak bijzettafels setting geretoucheerd.jpg

One typical feature of Japanese lacquerwork is generally black lacquered surface, but nowadays it is much more interesting to use more colors. The word Urushi designates both the lacquer itself and the art of Japanese lacquerwork, which represents a tradition going back thousands of years. The special sheen and visual depth of these lacquer surfaces exert a fascination which has inspired modern designers to apply this technique for themselves. 
With these low table serie designs we pick up the old craft of lacquering, and therefor manufacture this product in Asia.

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Flower Pyramids

23 / 07 / 2019
stappel vaas .jpg

In 1593, no Dutchman had ever seen a tulip. In the 400 years since, the Netherlands has become synonymous with this most beloved of spring flowers. The iconic pyramid vase, is a vase designed to put cut flowers in, but it primarily serves as a decorative showpiece. These pyramids were first made in the Netherlands in the 17th century and were decorated with Delfts blauw or Chinese decoration. But in my opinion such a vase can have a strong powerful shape without the need to decorate. Sometimes the pyramid vases, some perhaps inspired by the porcelain tower of Nanjing , were not used as flower vases at all, but just as showpieces. My concept of this new Pyramid vase consists of fewer components held on a five legged base; we designed 3 stackable shapes with two identical ones on the top.  A real showpiece. Flowers can be put in each of the fifteen spouts, but without tulips, this imposing 140 cm high flower pyramid can be a unique showpiece too!  

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