Legends & Legacy

23 / 04 / 2023

Cor Unum celebrates 70th anniversary with extensive plate collection: they have asked no fewer than 70 young and renowned creatives to design a plate with the theme Legends & Legacy. Never before has Milan showcased work by so many designers, artists, architects and other makers in one exhibition.

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Barrel Chair

21 / 04 / 2023

The barrel chair based on straight lines and ergonomic curves, with a wink to the archetypical design of a wooden barrel. It’s more or less garden furniture, a piece made from 100 procent recycled plastic. Rotomolded furniture is structurally robust. Additionally, furniture that is manufactured as one piece is much less likely to break than furniture that is produced using multiple parts connected with mechanical fasteners. In a nutshell, The Barrel chair is an indestructible object. The moulds have been developed now and we expect to launch this piece this year.

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MOOOI Milan Design Week.

15 / 04 / 2023

A new design for MOOOI: carpet 'Flint' owes its inspiration and strong character to the material flint stone. The brown, gray and white tones of this primordial stone are determined by the minerals present in the rock, as well as the conditions in which it was formed. White color patches usually contain little or no impurities, while brown and gray patches contain iron. The density of the stone creates a characteristic drawing in the pattern, and this was the inspiration for this new collection for Moooi Carpets. In contrast, flint is a brittle rock that easily splits at the edges. So therefor it was decided to give this rug designs these typical colored lines and shapes.

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MaMa knotted

28 / 11 / 2022

The Frozen Fountain, ambassador of Dutch Design for many years, existed 30 years now and of course that had to be celebrated. 

Roderick Vos:
'At the end of October, Cok de Rooy of furniture store The Frozen Fountain asked me and many other Dutch designers to design a vase for this 30 years celebration. 
Of course I wanted to make something for him, but there was some time pressure to make this happen in such an absurdly short time. In short: I had to create a diversion. It became a joke: with an adjustment in an already existing mold of the Mama vase. Why not? : 'just tie a knot in 1 of the spouts of our iconic MaMa vase for Cor Unum'. Sometimes you shouldn't always take our profession too seriously, right..? The presentation '50 vases' in Amsterdam has become beautiful and really worth a visit. '

The vase is made in a limited edition of 50 pieces, each vase is signed by Roderick himself and they are only for sale at Cor Unum and The Frozen Fountain and our online shop


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New PODE brand image 2023

09 / 11 / 2022
1 - 002-V4-final-V2-2.jpg

The Pode magazine 2023, which recently rolled off the presses, is groundbreaking in many ways. Product photos have been (almost) completely banned from the book so that the new collection comes into its own. Most striking are the manipulated images. Art directors Claire and Roderick Vos challenged the photograph duo (Benning-Gladkova / Arjan Benning & Polina Gladkova ) to combine photography with computer animations. It creates a magical effect that is surreal and at the same time believable and incredibly atmospheric.

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03 / 09 / 2022

Chair Kaboom makes a statement. Round, friendly, and full of character. Completely different from the slender chairs you’re used to – and yet instantly familiar. It’s as if it’s appeared right out of your favorite comic book! Thanks to its rounded shape, Kaboom is comfortable, but also very sturdy. And that strong posture has a function. This clever design is rotationally molded in one piece. The thicker the hollow forms, the firmer the chair. Kaboom is indestructible! Roderick: “When I’m designing, I want to have fun. I’m always looking to push boundaries. And that’s also how Fatboy works. We both make unusual products for everyday use that make you happy. In that respect, working with Fatboy feels like coming home.” 

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