27 / 09 / 2023

Our latest design for Dutch brand QLIV, a wooden table full of curvy lines. The legs are placed in an asymmetrical way, and the shape of the table top is reminiscent to the wing of a spitfire. Structural strength and simplicity was the basis for this table design. With its signature corner detail the oak table MITCHELL represents a clear example of a minimalist table. These designs consist of a serie of dining and low tables in different lengths.

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25 / 09 / 2023

Lighthouse is an experiment by our studio.  A standing light that carries beauty in both its technical structure and purpose. This industrial looking lamp is a piece that I had in my mind for quite some years and always wanted to realize. Finally it’s been done! This ‘periscope' lamp can extend to a height of 190 centimeters. The steel lampshade on the top can be tilted sideways so you can use this lamp in a variety of ways. A great industrial looking lamp that is adjustable in height and has a 360° rotation lampshade. We make it in a limited edition.

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Twisty chair for HC28 Cosmo

18 / 09 / 2023
DSC_6815 kopie.jpg

During the 52nd edition CIFF Shanghai furniture fair from 5th until 8th September in Shanghai we presented an armchair for design brand HC28 Cosmo.

The chair was designed by our Studio, working with A.I generated images. We re-interpreted these images into new tubular shapes as a starting point for this project.
'Artificial Intelligence meets Artistic Intelligence’. I certainly would say that our project is an investigation in what AI can do for our industry, but at the same time I feel that
'a human touch’ is needed to create a product that is appealing to a human. 


Photography: Marthe Bodil Vos 

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Booth design for HC28 Cosmo

16 / 09 / 2023
DSC_7431 kopie.jpg

At the HC28 Cosmo booth during CIFF Shanghai furniture fair 2023. For this project we created an armchair and made a concept for the presentation of this design. The Twisty chair embodies futuristic minimalism, a sleek armchair with fluid lines sculpted from foam and finished with a stretch fabric upholstery. It epitomizes the essence of simplicity. This armchair is a glimpse into a world reminiscent of Stanley Kubrick's 'A Space Odyssey.' Kudos to the exceptional craftsmanship of HC28 and the wonderfull animation by CGI artist @vito.boox @kilian.vos and sound design by @wiebe.vos.

Photography: Marthe Bodil Vos 

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Barrel Chair

25 / 07 / 2023

The barrel chair based on straight lines and ergonomic curves, with a wink to the archetypical design of a wooden barrel. It’s more or less garden furniture, a piece made from 100 procent recycled plastic. Rotomolded furniture is structurally robust. Additionally, furniture that is manufactured as one piece is much less likely to break than furniture that is produced using multiple parts connected with mechanical fasteners. In a nutshell, The Barrel chair is an indestructible object. The moulds have been developed now and we expect to launch this piece this year.

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MOOOI Milan Design Week.

22 / 04 / 2023

A new design for MOOOI: carpet 'Flint' owes its inspiration and strong character to the material flint stone. The brown, gray and white tones of this primordial stone are determined by the minerals present in the rock, as well as the conditions in which it was formed. White color patches usually contain little or no impurities, while brown and gray patches contain iron. The density of the stone creates a characteristic drawing in the pattern, and this was the inspiration for this new collection for Moooi Carpets. In contrast, flint is a brittle rock that easily splits at the edges. So therefor it was decided to give this rug designs these typical colored lines and shapes.

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